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おいちい ピーピー

Community dedicated to Yamashita Tomohisa

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Anything and everything on Yamashita Tomohisa. From translations to uploaded files; & more!
R U L E S & I N F O

First & foremost, this is a community dedicated to YAMASHITA TOMOHISA a.k.a. Yamapi/Pipi.
"Oichii" is how young Japanese children says "yummy" when they cannot pronounce it as "oishii".
The reason for oichii as this community's username --» watch the Never Ending Wonderful Story DVD. ;) And the reasion for Pipi is that "Yamapi" is his original nickname given by Takizawa Hideaki, but Tackey also once called him "Pipi-chan" on an old show.

Unlike other communities, this community's posting access will only be granted to the three moderators: marblerain, ryopilover, & yamaperfection.
This is NOT an open Yamapi community for all members to have a posting access! This is so we can keep track of what has already been posted, prevent double posts, and/or have too many x-posts & spams.

Anything posted in this community will ALL be related to Pipi (Yamapi), so be sure to expect a lot of Yamapi related posts.

If you would like to use or repost something, just ask us first, we don't bite. :) But STRICTLY NO COPYING & PASTING posts made on this community! Mostly the master posts, because they take an incredible amount of time to organize and get up. Please understand and respect our wishes.

COMMENTS ARE VERY APPRECIATED! We will do our best to provide you all the Yamapi stuff up to date as well as older files on him. And comments would really help us to know if you are enjoying the things we provide and it will also help to encourage us to keep sharing!

If you have any questions or concerns, would like to become affiliates, or to request for some files/translations, or to just help us out with news or files we might be missing <3, please drop us a message here with all your questions.

A F F I L I A T E S & M I S C

*Under Construction*

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